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📞 Arrangements★★★★★great!
👁 Girl★★★★★great!
🏠 Place★★★★☆rather fine
☕ Atmosphere★★★★☆rather fine
⚡ Action★★★★★great!
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Price per 1 hour150 PLNJuly 2018
Price per 30 min.120 PLNJune 2019
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Below are reviews from meetings with Polish call girl Pati lux leaved by our users.

EDWIEDWI9 » recommends » Pati lux12 July 2019, 23:35Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

member since: 2019-07-06
written reviews: 5

Extraordinary beauty, Pati's face can be envied by most of our celebrities. The other elements of beauty are also impeccable (170 cm and a great figure, well-groomed and beautiful feet and hands, fragrant and manicured body).

📞 Arrangements (★★★★★)

Contact ROKSY. Make an appointment for two phone calls. A kind, nice conversation. Punctual girl.

👁 Girl (★★★★★)

Appearance and age agree with the content of the advertisement. No fade. Girl's beauty stands out clearly among her competitors - whoever does not believe let him check. A tanned, wonderful body with perfect proportions and a delightful face.

🏠 Place (★★★★☆)

The girl cares about hygiene very much, i.e. Towel, bed sheet, etc. Fragrant towels of various sizes to choose from at your discretion, and exchanges fresh sheets with you. Quiet neighborhood, is where to park the car, tolerant neighbors. Opposite the restaurant with a high standard.

☕ Atmosphere (★★★★★)

Nice, exciting, sex-filled atmosphere of an intimate meeting with a beautiful woman. Amazed, I tried not to waste a moment. It just plugged me and I spoke more quietly (if I said anything at all).

⚡ Action (★★★★★)

Fee before The offer coincides with previous arrangements. The girl is honest with the client. No Path. Prone to requests and suggestions. It allows for a lot but with dignity. Embedded for a long time stationary in Bytom stands out among its cheating competitors cheaters. I loved her only and exclusively in the traditional sexual position so that during the whole meeting I have to face her wonderful and unusual face as close to her as possible for as long as possible.

⚡ Tested services

classic sex (+1)

💵 Time and cost of the meeting

EDWIEDWI9 spent 120 PLN during a meeting lasting 30 min., paid in advance.

Services provided in the basic price (120 PLN) were : classic sex.

The approximate date of the meeting was June 2019.
The meeting took place in the city Bytom in the district Śródmieście.

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positive attitude towards workoffers something to drinkdoesn't check the watchbrunettetallpretty facereal photosclean bathroomparking space availableclassy woman2 phone numbers set up
George » recommends » Pati lux27 July 2018, 10:25Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

member since: 2018-07-15
written reviews: 17

Successful visit

📞 Arrangements (★★★★★)

for two phone calls, exemplary, no difficulties

👁 Girl (★★★★★)

A very pretty woman, the age she gives in the advert is probably the one she has in the proof. Beauty 8/10, and for a milf at this age, and 9/10 you can easily quit 🙂

Her main asset is the ass

🏠 Place (★★★★☆)

Tenement, Paati sees she on the ground floor

☕ Atmosphere (★★★★☆)

From the entrance was nice, at the beginning of the settlement, directs to the bathroom, gives a clean towel, then we go to the room and we take a nice atmosphere to do. When writing a nice atmosphere, I do not think about the climate as with my own girlfriend, more simply professionally, with respect, but the spy is clear 🙂

⚡ Action (★★★★★)

Blowjob 8/10 starts at a slower pace, then it gets deeper and a little bit more intense. Sex in a condom in 3 sexual positions, well-groomed pussy, Pati smells nice and looks pretty well 8/10

⚡ Tested services

classic sex (+1)cowgirl position (+1)doggy style (+1)missionary position (+1)oral without protection (+1)pussy licking (+1)

💵 Time and cost of the meeting

George spent 150 PLN during a meeting lasting 1 hour, paid in advance.

Services provided in the basic price (150 PLN) were : classic sex, cowgirl position, doggy style, missionary position, oral without protection, pussy licking.

The approximate date of the meeting was July 2018.
The meeting took place in the city Bytom.

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impressionableswings into action straight away2 finishes included in the pricea blowjob up to the ballslike with a frienddoesn't check the watcha friendly conversationMILFbrunettetallbig buttslimpretty faceclean bathroomclean placecool bolidy proportionsclassy womanpositive attitude towards workgood and cheapenergeticexperienced2 phone numbers set up

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