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📞 Arrangements★★★★☆rather fine
👁 Girl★★★☆☆neutral
🏠 Place★★★★★great!
☕ Atmosphere★★★☆☆neutral
⚡ Action★★★☆☆neutral
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Price per 1 hour100 PLNMay 2017
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samiec_gamma » says about » Perwersje30 September 2017, 1:18Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

member since: 2017-09-14
written reviews: 1

I've been wondering for a long time how you can sum up this place. It is definitely cheap and there is anal for the price. If someone just wants to put a girl in the ass cheap, she can hit this address. Furthermore. It's hard for me to say. Perhaps the best fit for me is that it was vague.

📞 Arrangements (★★★★☆)

Two phone calls. Concise conversation during a telephone conversation. Punctual girl. It's a bit hard to find a apartment-building if someone does not overwhelm this region, but quite accurately leads during a phone conversation how to find.

👁 Girl (★★★☆☆)

A girl from the GILF category rather than MILF. She has a little more bodies, but at most medium-sized tits. Short hair. Rather, probably 50+, which is common in girls giving 40 years in the announcement.

🏠 Place (★★★★★)

You can not fault anything here. Apartment-building on Fulmana. New construction, clean, well-equipped bathroom. A large bed in the room.

☕ Atmosphere (★★★☆☆)

The girl is talkative, open. She can come out with initiative. You can really get the impression that she does it because she likes it. How it comes out is another matter.

⚡ Action (★★★☆☆)

Money before, PLN 100 per hour. Anal is already included (I went there in total). After leaving the bathroom, nothing happens. The girl begins to tell different stories from her life. It went a long way before we went to sex. OWO rather bad. Tiles, uniform. However, after a moment, the girl, on her own initiative, asks you if you want anal sex. After confirmation, she turns back. A moment to apply a condom and lubricant. Anal pretty good, it's tight, but after a few minutes the girl starts to complain. She encourages me to put it in her pussy, but you can read that it's rather that this anal does not really suit her. I asked about anal cowgirl position but there is no such option. This is a bit of a contrast to her stories before the action, in which she praised how she can prepare well for the anal, comparing herself to other girls, who in her opinion have no idea how to go about it. After a few minutes the girl wants to end herself, turns around and tells her to flood her. And so we finished. I wanted to end up on her face, but there was no such option. It turned out on tits and a bit on the chin. To sum up - the girl is actually involved, she is hard-working, but the results are average. Possibly, I might have had an inferior day. I can definitely confirm that the advertisement is true and everything that is given on the advertisement is actually 100 PLN without additional payments. Is it worth saying hard. I probably will not be back. I prefer to add PLN 50 and go to another place.

⚡ Tested services

anal sex (-1), oral without protection, cum on body

💵 Time and cost of the meeting

Samiec_gamma spent 100 PLN during a meeting lasting 1 hour, paid in advance.

Services provided in the basic price (100 PLN) were : anal sex, oral without protection, cum on body.

The approximate date of the meeting was May 2017.
The meeting took place in the city Lublin in the district Wrotków.

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like with a friend, GILF, lowers her real age, short hair, clean bathroom, clean place, talks a blue streak

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