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  • Anitka
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    📞 Arrangements★★★★★great!
    👁 Girl★★★★★great!
    🏠 Place★★★★★great!
    ☕ Atmosphere★★★★★great!
    ⚡ Action★★★★★great!
    💵 Last known price list
    Price per 1 hour100 PLNDecember 2017
    ⚠ WARNING! Above are the last known prices delivered by our users. They may differ from the current state. If you want to be sure how much you pay, ask a girl before the meeting.

    💬 Reviews written by users

    Below are reviews from meetings with Polish call girl Anitka leaved by our users.

    cincin » recommends » Anitka6 January 2018, 19:37Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

    member since: 2018-01-06
    written reviews: 2

    Cool ass for the car

    📞 Arrangements (★★★★★)

    Making an appointment ok, you have to drive for her and arrange a seat in the car, probably more interesting options in the summer

    👁 Girl (★★★★★)

    Great body, neat, firm, wonderful big tits, nice dressed, smile from ear to ear, quite intelligent, take money after. Interesting adventure came out

    🏠 Place (★★★★★)

    Well, I have a car 10/10: D

    ☕ Atmosphere (★★★★★)

    For 100 with sex, my condom, a nice approach, a chattering goshawk.

    ⚡ Action (★★★★★)

    Blowjob perfecto, deeply wet, supports the foot, caresses the dick, cumshot to mouth was and cool because in the car we know how it is. I liked sex, she likes doggy-style, it's nice to stick out her her's ass, it does not need to be moved 100 times. Good option. Cool views and emotions

    ⚡ Tested services

    kisses (+1), cuddling (+1), doggy style (+1), oral without protection (+1), deep throat (+1), oral with swallowing (+1), cum in mouth (+1), classic sex (+1)

    💵 Time and cost of the meeting

    Cincin spent 100 PLN during a meeting lasting 1 hour, paid in advance.

    Services provided in the basic price (100 PLN) were : kisses, cuddling, doggy style, oral without protection, deep throat, oral with swallowing, cum in mouth, classic sex.

    The approximate date of the meeting was December 2017.
    The meeting took place in the city Poznań.

    🔤 Tags

    impressionable, changes positions by herself, sucks like a vacuum cleaner, frequently uses hand during oral, an action as in porn, like with a friend, payment after the meeting, doesn't check the watch, ideal for tits fuck, big tits, big butt, cool bolidy proportions, likes it, moans nicely, intelligent, a perfect visit, 2 phone numbers set up, replies to text messages

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