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  • Sex i masasz u Magdy
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📞 Arrangements★★★★★great!
👁 Girl★★☆☆☆rather poor
🏠 Place★★☆☆☆rather poor
☕ Atmosphere★★☆☆☆rather poor
⚡ Action★☆☆☆☆sucks!
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Price per 1 hour100 PLNDecember 2017
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fap_fap » advise against » Sex i masasz u Magdy25 December 2017, 15:49Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

member since: 2017-10-16
written reviews: 10

Another Olsztyn fuck-up. Poor, hygiene problems, a blowjob in a condom.

📞 Arrangements (★★★★★)

Making an appointment is the biggest advantage of visiting this girl, there were no problems, two phone calls and we had an appointment.

👁 Girl (★★☆☆☆)

A very large girl, which can be seen in the pictures, but I wanted to try so hard so I do not complain and you can see on the photos and how it presents itself. Hair is chamsko dyed, matted. A slight scent after removing the underwear suggests hygiene problems, but there was no tragedy. Tits are actually big.

🏠 Place (★★☆☆☆)

A flat in an old tenement, the external appearance of the tenement corresponds to what is inside - no renovation, all a bit senseless, but in general, the apartment is relatively overwhelmed and clean. A bathroom with a bathtub that cries out for vengeance because it is neither enclosed nor slightly rusted. Plus for the fact that with me changed the sheet on the sofa for new, but minus for the fact that instead of the bed is an old sofa.

☕ Atmosphere (★★☆☆☆)

The atmosphere of the meeting is nice, but the girl would have to pay extra for everything - OWO - extra payment, cum on his body - extra payment, domination - extra payment. I did not want to spend a lot, so we agreed on the basic options without a surcharge, but with such a body it makes no sense to fuss and draw more and more cash.

⚡ Action (★☆☆☆☆)

Action bad. By the masculine zero flexibility, you can not completely cram it, loose in the pussy so that we do not know to the end whether you are already in it or not yet. For this only one sexual position, classical. A bit cheesy. Blowjob is also not very interesting, shallow, without licking the area. I do not recommend!

⚡ Tested services

classic sex (-1), missionary position (-1), oral with protection (-1)

💵 Time and cost of the meeting

Fap_fap spent 100 PLN during a meeting lasting 1 hour, paid in advance.

Services provided in the basic price (100 PLN) were : classic sex, missionary position, oral with protection.

The approximate date of the meeting was December 2017.
The meeting took place in the city Olsztyn in the district Centrum.

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passive, not engaged, frequently uses hand during oral, 1 finish included in the price, offers something to drink, BBW, brunette, big tits, problems with personal hygiene, conditions like during communism era, 2 phone numbers set up

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