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📞 Arrangements★★★★★great!
👁 Girl★★★★☆rather fine
🏠 Place★★★★★great!
☕ Atmosphere★★★★★great!
⚡ Action★★★★★great!
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Price per 30 min.200 PLNNovember 2017
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tomo » recommends » Salon masażu26 November 2017, 15:13Polski 🇵🇱 | English 🇬🇧

member since: 2017-11-22
written reviews: 13

Relaxing, relaxation 100%. The perfect option if someone cares about it, professional service, goes for a massage until cum, perfectly made, unlike typical escorts. Of course, there are no sexes

📞 Arrangements (★★★★★)

Call during a telephone conversation, but not to a specific girl, we do not know who it will go to.

👁 Girl (★★★★☆)

Masseuses rather before 30. Pretty nice, I was twice and there was something to look at

🏠 Place (★★★★★)

Living room at Oleandrów square. Inside a nicely furnished, professional salon, it is not a flat.

☕ Atmosphere (★★★★★)

Both girls I have come across have a professional approach. They massage topless, cute in the middle, they are not dumbs, you can have a good time. In the background, relaxing music, some noise, an interesting thing.

⚡ Action (★★★★★)

We know what's going on there - they are not classic girls from ads, she does not have sex on offer, nothing like that. The girls are applying for a massage, they wind up very slowly, the atmosphere helps a lot in relaxing. It's nice to play with time, knowledge when you take a good Kutas so that you can use the whole hour and the cumshot was at the end, also experience. Earlier, of course, they rub their bodies, breasts, everything with sensitivity. The prick massage is also great and not mechanical. I was on the body to body half an hour

⚡ Tested services

footjob (+1), erotic massage (+1), handjob (+1)

💵 Time and cost of the meeting

Tomo spent 200 PLN during a meeting lasting 30 min., paid in advance.

Services provided in the basic price (200 PLN) were : footjob, erotic massage, handjob.

The approximate date of the meeting was November 2017.
The meeting took place in the city Opole.

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1 finish included in the price, slim, clean place, a professional, flat set up, topless

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